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How to increase you milk production

There are many mothers out there who are having trouble with supplying the breast milk needs of their baby. Here we have listed down three ways on how to increasing your milk supply.

The Natural Way
The natural way of stimulating your breast milk is when your baby demands it. So, if your baby demands more milk then your breast will produce. In short, breastfeeding works with the concept of supply and demand. This is why you shouldn’t prolong a feeding, especially if you are struggling to keep up with your baby’s milk demands. The more the baby gets the longer your baby you stay satisfied. Visit here for more interesting information about motherlove more milk plus.

Pumping your breast milk
If you can’t nurse your baby if your baby won’t let you nurse him or her due to the fact the he or she isn’t satisfied then it may be time to look for a goof double breast pump. Pumping between feedings is a great way to increase your breast milk production but do not be tempted to replace feedings with the pump.

If you can wake up at night between feeding to pump then that’s your best shot of producing more milk. Frequent feedings are a natural way to alert your body to produce more milk. If you do on extended times of non-feeding, then you might lose in milk supply. So, as much as possible, you should try to feed or pump as often as you can throughout the day or night.

Taking supplements
Taking herbal supplement like motherlove more milk plus is a great to increase you milk production. The most commonly known is frenugreek. This is available in local herbal shops, whole food markets, and found online.

Remember that it won’t matter how many supplements you take because if you don’t regularly empty your breast you milk production will not increase. Nurse and pump often and you will notice that your milk production has increased.

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