“Traveling is just too expensive”. This is what you usually hear from people who want to travel but still having lots of responsibilities that they don’t make travelling a priority.Hey! We all need have a break and travelling is one way of taking a break from a busy life. It doesn’t have to be luxurious. You can actually travel even without that lots of money you think you need when travelling. In this article, you will be given a basic guide on how to travel cheaper than you think.

Ask the travel experts

You can check on good travel bloggers including Swedish Travel Blog—Swedish Nomad. You can check on their blogs for a particular place the blogger has visited to help you budget your money well. From their posts, you can be helped on how to leverage your money according to what is needed in your travel. Don’t buy too much souvenirs! Your pictures would likely be your best souvenirs when you visit a particular place.

Get the Best Credit Card

Credit card is great as long as you are disciplined of using it. Credit cards are helpful when you book for a hotel and when you book tickets online. Sometimes, airline company have promo fares which you need to buy quickly before promo ends or before all slots be sold out. Once you have credit card, you can easily book promo tickets online. and also, it is best whenever you ran out of cash while you are on a trip.

Travel the right time

Make sure that you are not traveling on peak seasons. During summer, fare tickets are usually expensive to places with much beaches. And also, Christmas and New Year in other places.Be conscious with your budget. As mentioned earlier, you can just spare on buying souvenirs. You can take all photos in the place you are visiting and that would be your souvenirs.

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