Originating in the 5th and 6th BC, Buddhism has spread across Asia and the other continents in a profound way. Because of the teachings of the Buddha, the world globalization made Buddhism as one of the most popular religions around the world. Reference taken from here oneminddharma.com on buddhist statues.

With the popularity of Buddhism is the curiosity of the people regarding the Buddhist statue as well. As Buddha statues have different shapes, gestures, sizes and presentation, these statues have garnered the attention of people even from different religions. As a fact, these Buddhist statues have specific meanings and even different origins from the teaching of Buddhism.


● Praying in front of the Buddha statue can giveinner satisfaction, peace of mind, soul and heartto a person. This is because the Buddhist statue is the symbol of the teachings of Buddha which comprises of inner peace and fortune.
● Buddha statues are also known for purifying the mind, building up the peacefulness in oneself and motivating the person to get rid of the negative emotions and thoughts in one’s self. The Buddha statue is an important source in having peace of mind and self-discipline.
● Having a Buddha statue in the house will also bring up a positive aura of the people around the statue, and make them focus on the non-materialistic world. The statue is also a tool in giving the person the best spiritual journey in life.
● Buddha statues will also help people to concentrate and focus on meditation in order to achieve higher heights on the mediation level. This is to follow the footsteps of Buddha himself in attaining enlightenment.

If you want a person to have inner peace, giving a Buddha statue can be the greatest tool in achieving a peaceful mind and soul. By gifting a statue of the Buddha, you will have more blessings by giving another person the tool to be motivated and to meditate for peace and happiness. If you want to have different high-quality Buddhist statues, have a look at the One Mind Dharma Company for its ranges of Buddha statues.

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