Yoyos now come in different forms and sizes. There are now many competitions for yoyo enthusiasts all over the world and for those who are part of the competition, yoyos terraria should be a familiar term. If you are interested to become a yoyo expert, it is best to know more about yoyo and its component. It will be easier to you to learn the basic tricks if you know the parts first. Author is an expert of yoyos terraria, go here for more interesting information.

Main body

This is the most important part because if this is not present, it would not look like a yoyo at all. The body comes in two halves. It is screwed together using the axle. It is made ofdifferent kinds of material like wood, metal, or plastic.


This is the one that connects you and the yoyo. Strings are usually doubly twisted so it can be looped over the axle and tied on the other side so it can go around your finger. During the earlier times, the strings were made using cotton but now it is already made of cotton and polyester to make it stronger and to lessen the possibility of your skin being burnt because of different tricks. The strings have different thickness and this factor is designed for the responsiveness of the string to the body when it should return up your hand.


This is the threaded component that joins the two halves of the body together. The string is looped on this component. Yoyo axles have different lengths so you need to know the length of your own yoyo if in case you need to have it replaced.

Weight rings

Some of yoyos have weight rings and this is used to alter the weight of the body for different kinds of tricks.

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