There are various stop smoking aids available on the market. They can be found at the pharmacy with or without the doctor’s prescription. The various stop smoking aids ensure that you have a smooth quitting period until when you are completely done with smoking. Learn about how to quit smoking on

How Stop Smoking Aids works

Nicotine patches: The nicotine patches are like band-aids. It is worn on the wrist on a daily basis to ensure nicotine flows evenly through the skin into the body. These nicotine patches are readily available at the pharmacy and can be given with or without the prescription of a doctor. If you visit a drug store, one is able to get a discount on such drug. The nicotine patches are worn on a daily basis from the day one wishes to quit smoking. Since they have different strengths, then for those smoking less than 10 cigarettes a day should use one with lower strength and those who take more than 10 cigarettes should go for one with stronger strength. This helps in reducing the severe symptoms caused by stopping smoking.

Nicotine Gum: This is the gum that releases nicotine into the body system through the mouth’s lining. It can be purchased from the pharmacy as it is readily available. Just like any other stop smoking aids you have to start taking it the day you quit smoking. It comes in two strengths for different categories of smokers. Before placing it between the cheek and the gum chew it until you get a peppery taste. This can take from four to twelve weeks for it to be effective.

Listed above are some of the stop smoking aids. When you follow the use of these stop smoking aids, then you are on the right path. You can try the above-listed stop smoking aids and see how efficient it is.

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