As far as earrings go, studs are the most common and the easiest one to buy. Also there are a lot of simplicity in a stud that goes unnoticed and yet it looks good to have something on your ears when all things are considered. There are a lot of reasons why you should go for the Pearl Earrings Stud and here are some of them.


The first and the most obvious reason is that a stud is simple, it does not have that much sophistication in wearing them, you just put it in your ear’s hole and then stud it up and you are done unlike other earrings where you are not even sure how to wear them because they are complicated and you do not know where to insert what into where.

Baby compatible

Another reason would be that babies will have to wear studs since they move around a lot and because studs are the usual items that goes first in the ears of a baby and what better way to wear pearl earrings and to start wearing them but on a cute baby girl that would look amazingly fresh with them and adorably beautiful as well.

Won’t get hooked

The other problem with hook earrings is that they can get tangled with a lot of things including your hair or they may get pulled by children or by other stuff by accident and that is why you have to be extra careful around them when you are wearing one. On the other hand, this won’t happen if you are wearing a stud which is why studs are totally the way to go.

Small and light

Another good reason is that studs are small and they are also very light to wear which is another advantage of wearing them, it is also something that is very useful because you can wear them for any reason you want.

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